Full Out of Band VNC Access

Want to provision your own system? Need to reconfigure your network settings? Or do you just like watching your system reboot? You can.

Provision your own system

You know what you're doing and you want your system as quickly as possible, for as cheap as possible. Using OOB VNC, you can connect to your system and actually install it yourself.

Reboot whenever you want

You don't need us to reboot your system. Log onto our custom control panel and reboot as many times as you'd like, regardless of the time of day.

Dedicated RAM CPU Disk Data Transfer USD BTC
256MB Shared 10GB 20GB $4 N/A
512MB Shared 20GB 50GB $6 N/A
1024MB 1 core 50GB 100GB $15 N/A
2048MB 1 core 50GB 100GB $25 N/A
2048MB 2 cores 50GB 100GB $35 N/A
4096MB 2 cores 100GB 100GB $50 N/A
4096MB 4 cores 100GB 100GB $70 N/A
8196MB 4 cores 100GB 100GB $100 N/A
16384MB 8 cores 100GB 100GB $200 N/A
Option USD BTC
Static IP $2/month N/A
50GB Disk $2/month N/A
50GB Monthly Transfer $2/month N/A

Heads up! Listed prices are per month! We offer discounts for prepayment.